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Lawn Weed Control

We have a yearly weed control program in place to make your yard as beautiful as it can be! Below is the schedule of our treatments:

Applications are applied every 5 to 8 weeks. Learn more.

    1. Apply pre-emergent herbicide for control of crabgrass and other grassy weeds. (January / February)
    2. Apply a second pre-emergent herbicide to extend grassy weed control through out the summer and a liquid fertilizer to encourage spring green-up. If needed, spray for onions and broadleaf weeds.(March / April)
    3. Apply fertilizer for early green-up. If needed, a spot spray for weed control.(April / May)
    4. Apply fertilizer. If needed, a spot spray for weed control. ( June / July)
    5. Apply fertilizer. If needed, a spot spray for weed control will be applied for summer weeds. (July / August)
    6. Apply pre-emergent herbicide for control of winter weed control and liquid fertilizer. (September / October)
    7. Apply lime to all turf areas. (November / December)

Lawn Fertilization

Proper fertilization is a must for a healthy looking lawn!

That’s why our company uses balanced fertilizers which contain just the right amount of nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium to enhance root development and early green-up. Learn more.

Core Aeration

Does your yard look a little dry, hard, and have patchy spots with no grass? Your yard might need to be aerated. Learn more.

Insect Control

Let us help you control insects on your lawn, trees and shrubs. Learn more.

Tree and Shrub Solutions

Let us help keep your trees and shrubs healthy and beautiful. Learn more. 

Lawn Disease

Lawn diseases can create unsightly spots, rings and patches in your otherwise beautiful front yard. Let us help you keep your lawn disease-free. Learn more.

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We are licensed in Tennessee and Mississippi:

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In Tennessee:
  • Arlington  38002
  • Bartlett   38113, 38134, 38135
  • Collierville  38017
  • Cordova  38016, 38018
  • Germantown  38138, 38139
  • Lakeland  38002
  • Memphis  all Memphis area
In Mississippi:
  • Hernando  38632
  • Horn Lake  38637
  • Olive Branch  38654
  • Southaven  38671, 38672
  • Walls  38680

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