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Flea & Tick Control

Although most of you would not associate autumn chill with fleas and ticks, fall can be one of the worst seasons for these bloodsucking pests.

The most common place for fleas to live are in moist, shady areas, including lawn thatch, mulch, leaf piles, wood piles, beneath porches and decks.

Squirrels are one of the biggest flea carriers along with other wildlife including ground hogs, opossums, etc.

Cat Flea

Human Flea

American Dog Tick


Fire Ant Control

Fire ants have become the number one insect problem in the south. 

As a pest professional, we now have a product available to us that will kill fire ants, controlling them for up to one full year with only one application.


Grub Control

Grubs are small worms curved like a “c” shape with a head that is light brown in color. This insect is the larva of the beetles you see flying around your lights at night. If you have moles in your yard this insect is their favorite meal.

These areas will be soft / spongy when you walk on it. The grubs will also damage the root system, which can cause dead spots in these areas.

Azalea Lace Bug

This particular insect is very common on an azalea. The description of this insect is that the wings are like the lace you would find around a dining room table.

This insect has piercing sucking mouth parts. This insect is very common in the spring where the plant is aggressively growing.

The insect will cause the plant to defoliate if it is not treated.

Azalea Lace Bug

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