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Aphids are tiny little sucking insects, 1/8 inch or smaller. They suck the juice out of plants. Aphids are also known as “Plant Lice”. They can also transmit plant virus diseases.

Early detection is everything! Yellowing of leaves and deformed new growth are symptoms. Look on stems and on the undersides of leaves. Aphids can be white, green, yellow, red, and even black. Green or white aphids are the most common in our service area.

If you notice aphids, have them treated quickly. In the meantime, you can snip off leaves or branches that are yellow and infested to slow the destruction.

Fall webworms on Trees and Shrubs

Fall webworms are yellowish white or yellowish green, with black dots along their length.

They are known to make webs on the ends of branches and feed on the leaves. They first hatch in spring, but barely noticeable until late summer/fall hatching.

Fall webworms make webs on the ends of branches, feed on leaves, and gradually increase the size of the webs to enlarge their eating area.

Tent Caterpillars

Tent Caterpillars are black and a white stripe and blue dots, they turn into light brown moths. They eat outside their web, returning to the web for protection. They appear in the spring.

Having your trees sprayed not only kills the worms, but also prevents them from spreading to other trees in your landscape.



Powdery Mildew

The picture in the illustration is a Crepe Myrtle, which is very popular in our area. Powdery mildew is easily controlled by applying a Fungicide as a spray. This is done after the fungus has appeared on the plant. There are no preventive treatments.



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